Frequently Asked Questions

When should I take my child to the dentist for the first check-up?

In order to prevent dental problems, your child should see a pediatric dentist when the first tooth appears or no later than his or her first birthday.

How do I make my child’s diet safe for his or her teeth?

Make sure your child has a balanced diet, including one serving each of: fruits and vegetables, breads and cereals, milk and dairy products, and meat, fish and eggs. Limiting the servings of sugars and starches will also aid in protecting your child’s teeth from decay. Sodas and juices in excess can contribute to cavities., as well as putting your child to bed with a bottle or training cup. You can also ask our staff to help you select foods that protects your child’s teeth.

How can parents help prevent tooth decay?

Parents should take their children to a pediatric dentist regularly, beginning with the eruption of the first tooth. Then, the dentist can recommend a specific program of brushing, flossing, and other treatments for parents to supervise and teach to their children. These home treatments, when added to regular dental visits and a balanced diet, will help give your child a lifetime of healthy habits.