Have you scheduled your child’s summer dental visit?

July 13, 2020

Kids are out of school for the summer and spending a lot of time at home. When we think of summer vacation, activities like swimming and riding bikes often come to mind. While summer offers plenty of opportunity for outdoor fun, it’s also the perfect time for a dental visit. Here are a few reasons to schedule your child’s checkup over the summer.

When school is out, we often have more flexible schedules. 

Normal routines tend to ease up in the summer. Once school returns, our regular routines and extracurriculars will likely hog much of our time, making it more difficult to fit in a dental visit. Take advantage of the more-relaxed summer schedule and make a dental appointment for your child now. 

Summer checkups help to avoid pulling your child out of school later.

A study conducted by the Journal of Pediatrics found that children with oral health problems were more likely to miss school and suffer declines in academic performance. If your child is due for a checkup, scheduling your appointment in the summer will help you avoid pulling your child out of school later. If any dental problems are found that require a follow-up visit, you can also take care of treatment before school begins. Depending on your child’s age and grade level, your school may even require proof of a dental checkup when he or she starts.

Summer checkups remind kids to keep on top of their oral health.

As the American Dental Association explains, baby teeth are just as important as adult teeth. With routines more relaxed over the summer, it can be easy to forget to brush twice per day and maintain regular oral hygiene. Summer is also the time when sugary treats like ice cream and freezer pops become favorites. A summer checkup helps to reinforce healthy dental habits. 

Ready to schedule? Give us a call!

Regular dental appointments can go a long way toward a healthy smile for your child. If you’re ready to schedule your child’s summer checkup, contact us today!

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